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Mission Statement

Stratelyst Creative’s mission is to evaluate, clarify, and improve events based on the strategic value of emotional relationship building between an organization and its supporters. Through targeted experiential messaging and superior production practices, we reinforce the internal and external reputation of each organization’s unique culture.

What Makes Us Different

The short answer: we’ve been there. We know events and understand the inner mechanisms of academia, nonprofits, and corporations – how to position your president, dean, elected official, or important guests; how to emphasize appropriate targeted messaging to reinforce your institution through high-touch communication; where event dollars should be spent and, more importantly, where they shouldn’t.

Ultimately, we collaborate with you to design message-driven programs that support your organization through unique, personal face-to-face constituency experiences.

Yes, we are different.

What’s in a Name?

What’s a Stratelyst? Good question.

Stratelyst Creative was originally founded in 2012 as Innovative Protocol. Why the name change? To better align our name with what we do.

You won’t find Stratelyst in a dictionary because we made it up; well actually, our clients did. We kept hearing the same thing over and over – that when we arrived and started asking the right questions, things got done! Decisions that might have taken weeks or months unexpectedly were completed in days. We became a STRATEgic cataLYST for their project at hand, motivating organizational leadership and internal event professionals to have the conversations necessary to produce meaningful, reflective, goal-driven experiences.

When we looked closely at who we are and what we do, we realized that we had need for a word that didn’t exist, so we created a fitting solution. Isn’t that the type of company you want to help design your event communications?

What We Do

and how we do it

Every institution has its own defining culture, which is why every event we do is incomparable. We start with questions – lots of questions – and from the answers we receive, we build a foundation of understanding and model for achievement. With our guidance, vision, and experience, we work with you to shape the message and how it should best be delivered. It takes talent, patience, and a lot of homework to thoughtfully develop how your unique event should be scripted for success.

That is why you should consider Stratelyst Creative to produce the unforgettable experience that celebrates your landmark occasion.

Jim Hooker

Jim Hooker

President and CEO


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Brady K. Miller, CSEP

Brady K. Miller, CSEP

Senior Consultant
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