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Clients | Stratelyst Creative| Unites States Department of State
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Clients | Stratelyst Creative| St. Edward's University
Clients | Stratelyst Creative| Caltech
Clients | Stratelyst Creative| Arizona State University
Clients | Stratelyst Creative| ASU Global Institute of Sustainability
Clients | Stratelyst Creative| Georgia Tech
Clients | Stratelyst Creative| Boston University
Clients | Stratelyst Creative| Occidental College
Clients | Stratelyst Creative| UC Davis
Clients | Stratelyst Creative| University of Missouri
Clients | Stratelyst Creative| UC Irvine
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From hosting the President of the United States, 40,000 guests in a stadium, UCI Chancellor’s Investiture ceremony, and a campus-wide festival that drew 10,000 people, the services we received from [Stratelyst Creative] were spectacularly good. [Stratelyst Creative] earned our trust and has set the bar for how future events should be managed at the university. We were fortunate to be able to rely on such expertise and years of experience.

Thomas A. Parham

Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs, University of California, Irvine

Your expertise provided the event professionals from Arizona State University and the University of Arizona an understanding of the importance of maintaining the reputation and branding of the university through exceptionally produced events.

Melissa Warner, CSEP

Director, University Ceremonies, Arizona State University

The spectacular visual staging coupled with the video and other messaging enabled us to create a true moment of pride for Caltech and in what our students, faculty and alumni can accomplish. To us, this was the emotional goal that we were striving for. We couldn’t have pulled this off without you.

Diane Binney

Assistant Vice President of Campaigns, California Institute of Technology

Thank you for your efforts to make Experience America – Los Angeles such a rich experience for the Ambassadors. The comprehensive program … exposed our guests to the best and brightest of Los Angeles and led the way for so many new partnerships and relationships. We could not have done it without your hard work in setting it up and taking care of each and every little detail.

Capricia Penavic Marshall

Chief of Protocol, United States Department of State

Each member of our team was asked to give tremendous time and energy and they did because of their belief in the institution and the vision that Stratelyst Creative created. The mark of a truly great event is that every aspect of that event tells a story reinforcing your brand and thus people walk away understanding the brand and your message better because of it. Alumni who haven’t come to campus in years, donors who were waiting to make a gift, students who didn’t think these events were for them, all walked away excited to have witnessed history and inspired to get involved.

Burnie Atterbury

Vice President of Development and Alumni Relations, University of the Pacific

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