Campaign Launches and Closings

Ready for the big announcement? Let us assist you in creating an emotional, message-driven experience to celebrate your campaign milestone.

Academic Ceremonies

Whether you’re inaugurating a new president or hosting the President of the United States, we know the protocol to ensure your event is successfully executed.

Milestone Events

Anniversaries, leadership transitions, landmark celebrations, and more. Stratelyst Creative will design an event and guide your institution through the process of creating a truly memorable experience to commemorate any once-in-a-lifetime happening.

Campaign Rollouts

Taking your campaign message on the road to multiple cities? We will execute a program, source vendors and find locations that make your series of events both impactful and efficient.

VIP Events

Whether you’re hosting celebrities and elected officials or special patrons and alumni, Stratelyst Creative fully understands how to work with your most prestigious visitors.

Fairs and Festivals

Large, public events can have hundreds of moving pieces and call for special measures in logistics, production and crowd safety. Let us help you create a comprehensive plan to deliver maximum impact to these maximum-sized experiences.


Struggling with how and where to position your events team within your organization? We can design a short- or long-term staffing plan that will help your on-campus events staff work more effectively.


Our primary goal is to empower your institution or organization. Our expert services in event strategies, production, and internal communication and training can provide solutions for all your experiential needs.

Stratelyst Creative can assist you in achieving your immediate or long-term objectives by supporting your organization through a single project or remaining on retainer to guide your institution in event communication processes and production on a continuous basis.

We can:


  • Assess your internal event strategies and design an infrastructure that supports your particular goals
  • Produce distinctive programming with emotional touch-points that effectively communicate your message to your external supporters
  • Educate your staff and leadership on event best practices that emphasize and reinforce your organization’s unique culture
  • Protect your financial interests and remain bottom-line driven in all aspects of event services
Stratelyst Creative | Services

Our high-touch event strategies are designed to influence, impact and inspire your supporters to go from fans and friends to patrons and promoters.

Events are carefully orchestrated real-time productions deliberately executed to achieve specific objectives or goals.

We provide customized development training for your organization’s leadership and staff so they are informed on the most innovative experiential strategies available today.

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