The way we utilize events to communicate with our colleagues, customers, and constituents is constantly changing. It is important to ask yourself, “is your team sufficiently up-to-date on the most innovative and effective communication strategies, processes, and technologies available today?”

Stratelyst Creative will provide customized training to your organization’s leadership and staff so you can achieve all of your event communication objectives. We will empower your team to deliver the event excellence your organization expects.


  • Train event staff on production best practices.
    • audio (lavalieres, wireless handhelds, hard-wired microphones, direction vs. omnidirectional)
    • video (LED vs. LCD, mm sizing, audience distance/size ratio, aspect ratios, formats)
    • lighting (LED, gobos, intelligent lighting, incandescents, mood colors, HMIs)
    • directing, staging and blocking
    • technical scripting
    • permitting (building & safety, fire)
    • riders and insurance
    • VOG
  • Educate your organization’s event staff on how to communicate your organization’s excellence through everyday experiences – the Disney model.
  • Advise and train leadership and advancement personnel on the value of experiential messaging utilizing statistical research and data. How to close the “inspiration gap” between advancement and donors.
  • Instruct personnel on event standards and rules of protocol.
    • mailings
    • high-touch guest communication
    • reservations
    • student and volunteer guidelines
    • check-in procedures
    • seating strategy (who goes where and why?)
    • protocol and VIPs (elected officials, heads of state, celebrities, special guests)
    • achieving the maximum guest experience

Our high-touch event strategies are designed to influence, impact and inspire your supporters to go from fans and friends to patrons and promoters.

Events are carefully orchestrated real-time productions deliberately executed to achieve specific objectives or goals.

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