Our high-touch event strategies are designed to influence, impact and inspire your donors and customers. We assist your organization in creating targeted and inspirational event messaging with unique, emotional touch-points that move and motivate your supporters to go from fans and friends to patrons and promoters.


  • Create a long-term event communication strategy for consistent and prolonged impact
  • Define and implement an event “standard of excellence” and protocol for your institution or organization
  • Assess supporter psychographics and establish appropriate programming for each of your constituency groups
  • Standardize event processes to streamline interdepartmental communications
  • Guide leadership in the formation of event councils, committee boards and honorary event hosts
  • Implement volunteer and/or student staffing programs
  • Reduce expenditures
  • Customize an event procedures handbook to guide your staff

Events are carefully orchestrated real-time productions deliberately executed to achieve specific objectives or goals.

We provide customized development training for your organization’s leadership and staff so they are informed on the most innovative experiential strategies available today.

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